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Special LWE Sponsored Section DENTISTRY LWEWorld.com CLEANINGS AND PREVENTION SYRINGE-FREE, PAINLESS NOVOCAINE TEETH WHITENING SLEEP APNEA PORCELAIN VENEERS COSMETIC DENTISTRY PERIODONTAL DISEASE RESTORATIONS FILLERS FOR FACIAL CONTOURING INVISALIGN SYSTEM & EIGHT- HOUR SMILE TECHNIQUE Dr. Linda Stone and Dr. Vanna Stone Gentle Caring Dentistry The Possibilities are Endless with this Mother-Daughter Team W 2012 WINNER CONTACT INFO: hile Dr. Linda E. Stone may be familiar to many as the genius behind Gentle Caring Dentistry and the architect of some of the nicest smiles in the area, she is also dedicated to providing support and encouragement for professional women interested in starting their own businesses. Her daughter, Dr. Vanna Stone, also chose dentistry as her career. They are now partners in a thriving practice in Livingston, NJ. Proudly, both are known to patients as “Dr. Stone.” Dr. Linda Stone is a true entrepreneur and was at the forefront of women in the dental industry when she began her career path in 1982. She was quick to see the need for a new kind of dentist, a doctor empathetic and compassionate enough to work with patients who experience significant stress and anxiety when visiting the dentist. As a consequence of their fears, these patients may avoid needed care and suffer both physically and socially as a result of painful or unsightly conditions. Seeing a chance to help those patients change their lives for the better inspired Dr. Stone to open Gentle 
Caring Dentistry in the 90’s. In her new practice, she combined her cosmetic dentistry skills with her unique understanding of patient concerns 
to provide an environment in
 which the most nervous patient
is able to relax and receive much
 needed care without pain or fear. Since then, she has been responsible for helping people regain control of their lives by providing them with a smile they are proud to share. Although Dr. Stone’s main focus is dentistry and incorporates the most state-of-the-art techniques, her private practice has evolved into providing total makeovers, a strong signal of the entrepreneurial spirit which first drove her to offer innovative dental care. Dr. Linda E. Stone I Dr. Vanna N. Stone I Gentle Caring Dentistry 973.994.3112 I gentlecaringdentistry@gmail.com I gentlecaringdentistry.com OCTOBER 2018 NEW JERSEY MONTHLY LWE 3