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Marketing Research State of the American Traveler: 2016 Technology Edition – Now Available! • • • • • • • Published quarterly, the Q1 2016 edition takes an in-depth look at technology. Key takeaways include: State of the American Traveler highlights amongst the most positive and optimistic travel outlook for US leisure travel in the history of the 10-year study Summer drive market (road travel) is a particularly bright spot with record levels of US summer drive vacations highlighted by US leisure travelers. With the USD strong against international currencies – the rest of the world is on sale. US destinations and activities need to market aggressively to promote the benefits of a US vacation. New Technology in travel is a combination of High Tech & High Touch – technology needs to be used with high levels of customer service. Virtual Reality and Live Streaming are showing signs of moving to mainstream – but is arguably more of a trade or meetings solution (B2B) rather than B2C Google’s changes in the organic search interface raises the bar in organic search for Destinations, Hotels and Activities – emphasizes the importance of building a mix of distribution and marketing channels incl. paid advertising Mobile continues to grow in usage by US leisure travelers – emphasizes the importance of having a website and advertising that is mobile friendly. Professional Services Darienne Inc. - Monthly Executive Coaching Package offered by Darienne Inc. • • Have you felt stuck at some point in your life? In a relationship? IN a job? Or just not sure of what your next step should be? If that's you, coaching is a great way to get unstuck, and move forward with clarity, awareness, a plan, and results. Darienne Mobley, Certified Professional Coach loves to support her clients from being stuck, to cheering them onto the finish line. For LTA members, she is offering her monthly package for a 15% discount. This package is $320 a month, and she recommends you commit to 3 months to get the greatest benefits from coaching. This price includes phone sessions with Darienne twice a month, plus regular check-ins during the month. Sign up now if you're ready! Contact Darienne Mobley P: 225-610-2685 dmobley@darienneinc.com General Counsel retained by LTA • • LTA has retained Murphy J. Foster, III as general counsel for the association For more information, contact the LTA office at 225-346-1857 Insurance Programs • • • • • Dental insurance underwritten by DINA Dental is available to groups and individuals at discounted rates. For more information For groups of two or more, life insurance and long-term disability programs are available on a guaranteed-issue basis. No health questions asked! Free health insurance quotes are available for groups and individuals from Blue Cross, Humana and United Healthcare. Directors and Officers liability insurance plans are available for CVBs and non-profit organizations. Property and general liability insurance is available to most small businesses. For more information about all member insurance benefits, contact Chris Garrett at 225-266-5520; lachrisbroker@aol.com 12