2018 College Track Social Mobility Report 2018 Social Mobility Report - Page 7

Fresh graduates COLLEGE TRACK GRADUATES FIND JOBS FASTER THAN THE NATIONAL AVERAGE 70% of recent graduates were employed within six months of college graduation, compared to 64% nationally. This year, we found that about half of those graduates (53%) were full-time employed, compared to 58% nationally. Of the remaining 30% who were not employed at the 6 month mark, a few found a job shortly after six months but most were either still searching for a job ten months after college (18%) or in graduate school (10%). 1, 2 In terms of wages, our 2016 full-time employed graduates reported average wages of $41,600. They make more than graduates from low- income families but less than the national average for all graduates. 3 College Track Page 7