2018 College Track Social Mobility Report 2018 Social Mobility Report - Page 24

[1] Last year we reported the wrong national wage for all recent graduates with a BA is $51,000; question (85% said they earned more than at least average: 58% instead of 64%. We had mistakingly Upjohn Institute for Employment has reported that one parent with 66% saying they earn more than assumed that our students all had full time jobs graduates from homes that qualified for free and either parent). so we only looked at the national comparison for reduced lunch were 1/3rd lower than those from full time employment. In this report, we define full higher income families. time employment as the combination of full time, [8] In our most recent cohort of college graduates (2016 grads), 20% of survey respondents had paid internship/fellowship and volunteer/service [4] In this report our emphasis is to demonstrate a STEM major (Bio/Envir/Agri sciences, Phys - this aligns with the way F ​ irst Destinations​ surveys that if a student completes college they will earn Sci, Computers/math/stats, Engineering); define it. enough to repay their loans. CT does not survey among survey respondents in our entire alumni students who left college without a degree so we population the ratio is above 25%. [2] 10% graduate school enrollment for fresh have no visibility on students who have some loans graduates is twice below the national average. and no degree. Our current Bachelor’s graduation [9] See work done by the L ​ umina Foundation​ on However, we have seen our graduates catch rate is 55% (denominator = 500 individuals who the relationship between work and academic up: in our survey of older graduates, 12% graduated from high school 6 or more years ago). progress in college. currently enrolled which could bring our total [5] Economists usually use 5% frictional involuntary [10] U.S. Census Bureau, 2012 American to 30%, same as all BA holders their age https:// unemployment as definition of a fully employed Community Survey. www.census.gov/content/dam/Census/library/ population – in our part-time male graduates, publications/2016/demo/p20-578.pdf​ - Americans we can reasonably assume that some (i.e. half) [11] We don’t have enough survey respondents with BA aged 24 to 35. Income for those who have have chosen this voluntarily which implies a ~6% among the younger alumni to look at career a graduate degree is higher (the average is nearly involuntary underemployment rate. outcomes for Dreamers right out of college. For have a graduate degree and another 18% are $60,000 compared to $55,000 for those who this analysis we focused on the 37 individuals who have no plans for graduate school and $48,000 [6] ​NCES (2017), Status and Trends in the graduated from college 2 or more years ago, half for those who plan for grad school) so it may have education of racial and ethnic groups. of whom (18) took our survey. a positive impact on earnings though we don’t yet do regression analysis on older graduates’ [7] Our sample is made up of respondents who attributes on career outcomes. work full time (as defined in above footnote) and answered the earnings question (N=118); 105 of [3] ​Spring 2017 Salary Survey report, National them also answered the “basics question” (71% Association of Colleges and Employers- average said yes) and 96 answered the social mobility College Track Page 24