2018 College Track Social Mobility Report 2018 Social Mobility Report - Page 23

Appendix C SURVEY QUESTIONS DISCUSSED IN THIS REPORT How long after earning your degree did it take you to secure a job? What type of employment? What is your current annual income? How much loans did you have at the end of your studies? At the time of your first job out of college, would you say that you made enough money to provide for the basic things (such as food, housing, clothing, college loan reimbursement) for yourself and your dependents to live an acceptable life? Do you earn more than your parents do At any point during college, did you have a job to help you pay the bills that was not directly linked to your studies or future career plans? At any point in college did you have an internship (or co-op, or work-study, or job) that was related to your studies or future career plans? Did you have a well-defined post-college plan at any point during college (e.g. you had identified specific roles that you would seek after college, you had identified specific area of graduate study and the right graduate school)? Did you have a “mentor-like” relationship with a faculty member or instructor? now? Is your job in the Public Interest/Public Service field? College Track Page 23