2018 College Track Social Mobility Report 2018 Social Mobility Report - Page 21

Appendix B REGRESSION RESULTS: IMPACT OF VARIOUS COLLEGE BEHAVIORS ON CAREER OUTCOMES This year we asked students several questions about possible behaviors in college that could influence career outcomes. Many of these questions require another year of data collection to gather sufficient responses. Below we share a handful of predictive behaviors where we had at least 45 responses (combining graduates from 2016 and 2015)- some not yet conclusive. EMPLOYMENT INCOME STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT FACTORS Internships (ref=none) One internship .385 -4.218 More than one internship .440 -5.038 STEM major -.002 13.479 Social science major .245 5.022 College was a best fit school .199 .263 Had faculty mentor .181 -1.152 Had well-defined post-college plan .154 -.288 Worked in college to pay the bills .152 1.778 College GPA -.097 -5.885 sample varies from 57 to 70 sample varies from 45 to 55 College major (ref=other) NOT (YET) STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT FACTORS p<0.10 p<0.05 Model controls for race and gender College Track Page 21