2018 College Track Social Mobility Report 2018 Social Mobility Report - Page 14

MANY COLLEGE TRACK GRADUATES CHOOSE CAREERS IN PUBLIC INTEREST AND THEIR WAGES GRADUALLY CATCH UP TO OTHER SECTORS C O L L E G E T R A C K • P O S T- C O L L E G E O U TC O M E S Our graduates favor jobs in the public interest field 13% Social Service 12% Health Care 5 YEARS LATER FIRST JOB (e.g. Program Director) (e.g. Nurse) Public Interest N = 12 VS Other Sectors N = 9 Public Interest N = 59 VS (e.g. Teacher) College Track 30% Education Their wages catch up with time USA VS Top three sectors of employment Over half work in public interest Other Sectors N = 47 College Track Page 14