2018 College Track Social Mobility Report 2018 Social Mobility Report - Page 10

Older graduates SEVERAL YEARS OUT OF COLLEGE, COLLEGE TRACK GRADUATES ARE UPWARDLY MOBILE Several years out of college, 82% of graduates are employed full time. The ratio is even higher for male graduates, where 88% have a full time job and the rest are employed part time. 5 The median wage for full time workers is $52,000—on par with the national median for bachelor’s degree holders aged 24 to 35 working full-time. 6 85% say they earn more than their parents do now, and over 70% say they can “pay for the basics”. 7 This employment data shows that College Track graduates have bridged the opportunity gap by not only outperforming their parents’ salaries, but also performing on par with the national average for all graduates, regardless of economic background. C O L L E G E T R A C K • P O S T- C O L L E G E O U TC O M E S College Track graduates are upwardly mobile 81% are employed full-time MEN N*=32 88% WOMEN N=103 80% 82% ALL N=135 Full-time Part-time 9% 12% 11% 10% 8% 85% ^ say they earn more than their parents Compared to 50% of Americans their age** ^N=96, full-time workers **The American Dream Quantified at Last, David Leonhardt, NYT, Dec 2016 Not working *Survey respondents, 25-34 years old College Track Page 10