2018 College Track Social Mobility Report 2018 Social Mobility Report | Page 12

Predictors of better outcomes INTERNSHIPS LEAD TO BETTER CAREER OUTCOMES In our Spring 2017 survey, we asked a range of questions about behaviors in college that lead to better career outcomes. This year we initiate a format for reporting our findings as documented in Appendix B, Tables 1 and 2. The sample size is small for this type of statistical analysis so the numerical findings below have to be interpreted carefully: 4 One internship increases the rate of securing full-time employment six months after graduation by nearly 40% and two internships by 45%; 4 Graduating from a “Best Fit” college increases chance of employment by 20%; 4 Having faculty member mentor increases chance of employment by 20%. 4 The most popular majors for our recent 4 We found no direct relationship among hours worked and career outcomes, controlling for GPA. However national research continues to point to the importance of not relying too heavily on work to pay for college so we will keep telling our students to work less than 15 hours weekly. 9 We captured these findings in easy tips to share with college students. ​ Do you know a student in college? Share our tips with them. COLLEGE TRACK TIPS FOR INCREASING THE VALUE OF YOUR COLLEGE DEGREE 1 keep your loans less than $30,000 2 get two internships 3 a higher gpa means a higher salary 4 work fewer than 15 hours per week 5 get a faculty mentor graduates are Social Sciences (23%), Psychology (23%), Liberal Arts (20%) and STEM majors (20%). 8 We found that STEM majors earn more, yet that graduates from other majors enjoy a wage premium with higher GPAs. College Track Page 12