2017 Poetry & Storytelling Competition Volume 2 | Page 4


Bright lights.

We are the ones you couldn’t keep down.

Hang tight.

Shout, write.

We are strong. We refuse to drown.

New year.

New us.

Don’t think you can fool or control.

No tears.

Stay clear.

You’ve already lost. We know our goal.

History repeats itself;

The beginning is familiar,

but I know the ending.

Picking allies from the top shelf.

It seems bleak now,

but we are mending.

Don’t lose focus,

just stay smart.

They’ve got power,

we’ve got heart.

Don’t stoop,

the air’s better here.

Stand as a group,

make sure they hear.

We are united,

don’t let them divide.

We are survivors,

don’t let them decide

who gets to be a part of this story.

Trolls in the comments,

fake news.

Don’t let them confuse.

Pick up a pen.

We know the truth.


Bright lights.

We are not the ones who fear.

Hang tight.

Shout, write.

Happy New Year.

We are here.

New Year

First Place: Kate Foley