2017 Organizational Studies Newsletter OS Newsletter_draftv10_joomag - Page 18

STAY CONNECTED You’re never more than a click away from Organizational Studies, the students and alumni network! Connect with us online to get the latest news, find out about upcoming events, and get the scoop on how our students and alumni are making an impact in the world. OUR SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM WORKS TO CREATE OS’S DYNAMIC SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE JOIN our UM Organizational Studies Community on LinkedIn linkedin.com/groups/1886918 Give us a LIKE facebook.com/michigan.os Give us a FOLLOW instagram.com/michigan.os STAY INVOLVED Alumni of the Organizational Studies Program are an important community because they represent a link from OS to a broader environ- ment beyond the boundaries of the University of Michigan. As we seek new opportunities and educational experiences for our students, we look to OS alumni as a valuable resource. We have a variety of ways for OS Alumni to contribute to the Organizational Studies Program. Please contact the individuals below if you have an interest in any of these options! WORK OPPORTUNITIES Keep us informed about internship or full-time opportunities. Contact: Elizabeth Cain-Toth, caintoth@umich.edu RECRUITMENT We regularly host companies who would like to recruit OS students for both internship opportunities and full-time opportunities. Contact: Elizabeth Cain-Toth, caintoth@umich.edu INDIVIDUAL MENTORING Be a valuable resource by mentoring a student. We have a database os OS Alums accessible only to OS students. Contact: Cathy Philbin, cphilbin@umich.edu MOCK INTERVIEWS, RESUME REVIEWS, AND JOB SHADOWING Assist students with the job application process or host a student to shadow you in your organization for a day. Contact: Dan Hartlep, dhartlep@umich.edu ORGANIZATIONAL STUDIES WEISER HALL | 500 CHURCH STREET, SUITE 800 | ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 48109-1042 PHONE: 734.764.6767 MAIL: ORG.STUDIES@