2017 DEM Annual Report DEM_2017_Annual_Report | Page 20

2017 Emergency Operations Center Activations DIVISIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS Presidential Inauguration {January 20, 2017} for the planned protests and student walk-outs for Inauguration Day, along with earlier planned events, that were expected to bring heightened activity to the streets of San Francisco. _______________________________ EMERGENCY SERVICES Emergency managers and planners help residents, businesses, non-profits, visitors, and numerous City departments plan for, respond to and recover from disasters. This is why we work closely with various people and organizations to help San Francisco become a more prepared and resilient city. DEM’s Emergency Services Division includes designing and implementing emergency management trainings and exercises; issuing real-time emergency public notification, alerts, and warnings; and managing the City’s Emergency Operations Center. Employee Spotlight: Anna Sop I’m an emergency operations coordinator for the Department of Emergency Management Division of Emergency Services and I make sure our emergency operations are poised and at the ready to respond to any emergency situation needing our support. Tehama Crane Incident {February 15, 2017} supported the San Francisco Fire Department’s response to a structurally compromised crane impacting downtown/financial district during the evening rush-hour. SF Marathon {July 23, 2017} supported the 40th running of The San Francisco Marathon, which included more than 27,000 runners plus thousands of observers and fans. Outside Lands {August 11-13, 2017} for numerous major events that took place throughout the City, on different days with many overlapping timeframes. Patriot Prayer First Amendment Public Demonstrations {August 26, 2017} for the numerous and various first Barge Vengeance Sinking amendment public demonstration activities that took place {April 7, 2017} focused on the barge VENGEANCE that sank throughout the City, and to support San Francisco public south of the Bay Bridge and settled in a partially inverted safety agencies in their efforts to safeguard the public while position on the sea floor 25-30 feet above the subterranean allowing for first amendment demonstrations. BART Trans-bay Tube. Labor Day Weekend Heat Surge Treasure Island Water Outage & Richmond District Fire {September 1-3, 2017} provided public information, resource {April 7, 2017} a combined activation for a 3-Alarm fire in coordination, and support for the response activities related the Richmond District closely followed by a water outage on to the Labor Day weekend’s high temperatures. Treasure Island. Terrence Smerdel Memorial Tax Day Protests {September 19, 2017} for the memorial service and other {April 15, 2017} for the planned march and rally focused on remembrance activities held for San Francisco Fire demanding the release of President Trump’s tax returns The Department Battalion Chief Terrence Smerdel who passed rally was set to include live music, guest speakers and a away after returning to his station from a fire call. march running from Market street to Justin Herman Plaza. Late September Multiple Day Heat Wave PG&E Power Outage {September 22-25, 2017} for high temperatures and to {April 21, 2017} for the PG&E power outage impacting the provide coordination and support to lead agencies including northern and central parts of the City leaving an estimated the San Francisco Human Services Agency, Department of 88,000 customers without power over the course of a full Public Health, Fire Department, General Services Agency business day. and Volunteer Organizations Active in a Disaster. Bay to Breakers {May 21, 2017}: for the annual 12 Kilometer footrace that begins a few blocks from The Embarcadero which moves west through the City, and finishes at the Great Highway along Ocean Beach. Fleet Week {October 1-8, 2017} for the annual Fleet Week celebration that attracts more than a million visitors to the city’s waterfront over the course of three days that showcase the humanitarian capabilities of the United States Navy, United States Army, United States Marine Corps, United States Coast Guard, and the California National Guard. UPS Active Shooter {June 14, 2017} to support police and emergency medical services responding to the deadly active shooter incident North Bay Fires at the UPS building; and to provide emergency public alerts {October 9-14, 2017} for the North Bay firestorms causing and notifications. diminished air quality in San Francisco. The EOC identified Clean Air Centers, conducted a census of hospital capacity, Bayview 4 Alarm Warehouse Fire and developed contingencies for a possible spike in 9-1- {June 16, 2017} for a 4-Alarm fire that occurred in a 1 EMS calls. The EOC also prepared and disseminated warehouse in San Francisco. air quality public alerts and notifications while supporting numerous city agencies and partners assisting vulnerable PRIDE population advocacy groups. {June 24, 2017} supported the San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade, one of the largest gatherings of the New Year’s Eve lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersexed {December 31, 2017} supported the City’s numerous New (LGBTQI) community in the United States. Year’s Eve celebrations, both city and privately sponsored, which occur throughout the City and the potential for surge on the emergency medical system.