2017 DEM Annual Report DEM_2017_Annual_Report | Page 14

DIVISIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS _______________________________ ADMINISTRATION DEM Administation Finance Budget DEM manages an annual budget of nearly $90,000,000 with one-third consisting of grant funds that San Francisco manages for the Bay Area Region. DEM’s budget is funded primarily from the General Fund as well as other sources. Capital Projects Information Technology DEM’s finance team worked with the Controller’s Office to replace the City’s accounting system, FAMIS with a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) financial system. ERP is an integrated system that provides improved functionality for purchasing, supply chain management, contracts management, inventory, fixed assets, and more. DEM began short-term as well as long-term capital projects ranging from renovating spaces for the 9-1-1 Dispatch Operations to increased hiring of dispatchers to planning for a significant expansion of the DEM 1011 Turk Street headquarters building. The DEM Administration and Support Division also oversees the Department’s technology programs and services. In 2017 the following technology projects and upgrades were executed: with cardio, strength training machines, free weights, and yoga classes offered three times As the DEM division that manages the a week. DEM was also awarded a massage Department’s administrative, accounting, chair via a wellness grant. facility, technology, and human resources needs, the DEM Administration and Support •Dispatcher Hiring: DEM conducted two Division focuses on ensuring DEM is equipped dispatcher exam processes and hired three with the resources needed to meet its mission. Academy classes of 15 trainees each. Human Resources GENERAL FUND GRANTS _________ _______________ _________ ___ 28.89% •Completed the 9-1-1 telephone system replacement project. 68.88% DEM BUDGET SOURCES _________ ______________________ FY 2017-2018 •Health and Wellness Program: DEM continues to promote City Wellness Initiatives including making health and wellness resources available onsite including a flu shot clinic every fall, a treadmill, stationary bicycle on the dispatch floor, a 24/7 fitness room equipped •Upgraded the critical system that records the 9-1-1 telephone calls and radio traffic. •Assisted with the design/implementation of the DEC Operations Floor, Dispatch Expansion, and Reconfiguration project (including the movement of all of the technology systems that support 9-1-1 call taking and dispatch operations). •Improved the ambulance dispatch/posting systems to support closest unit routing (MARVLIS Upgrade). •Progressed the expansion and reconfiguration of the Data Center and Telecom Room to support the City mainframe and critical servers. WORKORDERS _________ ______ 1.67% CAPITAL PLANNING _________ ____________ .57% Employee Spotlight: Patty Wong I’m a human resources professional for the Department of Emergency Management and I make sure our talented staff’s HR needs are met.