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Make the Right Call : San Francisco ’ s 9-1-1 , 3-1-1 , and Police Non-Emergency Public Education Campaign
Only 60 percent of 9-1-1 calls are for actual emergencies . The remaining 40 percent are accidental dials , or calls that should be directed to 3-1-1 . With every call to 9-1-1 for non emergency situations , someone experiencing a fire , medical , or police emergency may have to wait for assistance . Recognizing the need for public education and awareness about when to call 9-1-1 , 3-1-1 , or Police Non-Emergency , the San Francisco Board of Supervisors allocated $ 250,000 in FY 17-18 for a 9-1-1 public education campaign . Last fall Make the Right Call launched in digital , print , and radio formats . The call to action is simple : Keep 9-1-1 available for emergencies . Use police non-emergency and 3-1-1 to access city resources and information .
The Make the Right Call campaign rolled out into phased themes beginning with accidental dials awareness ( also known as pocket dials ). Because 9-1-1 receives a lot of calls reporting car break-ins ( these calls should be directed to 3-1-1 or Police Non-Emergency ) Make the Right Call focused on how to prevent car break-ins by keeping valuables out of sight during the holidays as the next theme .
Since the campaign launch , Make the Right Call has made 25 million impressions digitally , is displayed within every Muni Bus , and is advertised on numerous San Francisco Bay Area radio stations . The campaign will continue throughout 2018 via print and digital formats , and in-person during community events .
Supervisor Aaron Peskin presented the DEM External Affairs Team , led by Francis Zamora , with a Board of Supervisors Commendation for the Make the Right Call 9-1-1 public education campaign .