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Make the Right Call : San Francisco ’ s 9-1-1 , 3-1-1 , and Police Non-Emergency Public Education Campaign
Only 60 percent of 9-1-1 calls are for actual emergencies . The remaining 40 percent are accidental dials , or calls that should be directed to 3-1-1 . With every call to 9-1-1 for non emergency situations , someone experiencing a fire , medical , or police emergency may have to wait for assistance . Recognizing the need for public education and awareness about when to call 9-1-1 , 3-1-1 , or Police Non-Emergency , the San Francisco Board of Supervisors allocated $ 250,000 in FY 17-18 for a 9-1-1 public education campaign . Last fall Make the Right Call launched in digital , print , and radio formats . The call to action is simple : Keep 9-1-1 available for emergencies . Use police non-emergency and 3-1-1 to access city resources and information .
The Make the Right Call campaign rolled out into phased themes beginning with accidental dials awareness ( also known as pocket dials ). Because 9-1-1 receives a lot of calls reporting car break-ins ( these calls should be directed to 3-1-1 or Police Non-Emergency ) Make the Right Call focused on how to prevent car break-ins by keeping valuables out of sight during the holidays as the next theme .
Since the campaign launch , Make the Right Call has made 25 million impressions digitally , is displayed within every Muni Bus , and is advertised on numerous San Francisco Bay Area radio stations . The campaign will continue throughout 2018 via print and digital formats , and in-person during community events .
Supervisor Aaron Peskin presented the DEM External Affairs Team , led by Francis Zamora , with a Board of Supervisors Commendation for the Make the Right Call 9-1-1 public education campaign .
DEPARTMENT HIGHLIGHTS San Francisco Fleet Week 2017 _________ ____ Epicenter Summit 2017 The annual Epicenter Summit focuses on earthquake disaster response and recovery. Co-hosted by DEM and the Salvation Army, this inaugural summit took place April 4, 5 and 6, 2017 at Fort Mason Center. Epicenter brought together regional partners with the goal of renewing partnerships and exploring local and regional planning strategies for disaster response and recovery. The HayWired scenario was used to guide Epicenter Summit breakout groups organized by discipline to discuss the potential response and recovery efforts. Break out groups included: Transportation, Mass Care, Fire and Urban Search and Rescue and Infrastructure. Disabilities Access and Functional Needs Coordination Workgroup To support integration of Access and Functional Needs into our emergency planning and response, DEM established the Disabilities, Access, and Functional Needs (DAFN) Coordination Workgroup in March 2017. Partnering with the Mayor’s Office of Disability (MOD) and other local disability stakeholders, DAFN will take the lead on implementing AB2311, a state law that requires each county and city to integrate access and functional needs within its emergency response plan; and will facilitate conversations around how to better serve CCSF’s DAFN population regarding the following topics: • Development and participation in emergency exercises by DAFN communities • Identification of roles and responsibilities (post-disaster) for stakeholders that serve and support DAFN populations • Accessible public messaging • Continued learning and training opportunities The DAFN Coordination Workgroup core members inclu FRDT��F�R�V��6W'f�6W2vV�7���FW'F�V�B�bV&Ɩ2�V�F����B����.( �2F�6&�ƗG�F�67FW"����r6��֗GFVR��BF�R6�g&�6�66��V�6��G&�6�BWF��&�G��v�F��F�W"V�F�F�W2�����r2�VVFVB�F�Rv�&�w&�W�VWG0�WfW'��F�W"���F��f�VWBvVV��2���V�6V�V'&F����b6�g&�6�66�( �2&�6��f���7F�'��F�BGG&7G2��&RF��֖�Ɩ��f�6�F�'2F�F�R6�G�( �2vFW&g&��B�fW"F�P�6�W'6R�bF�&VRF�2�bV&Ɩ27F�f�F�W2���&V6V�B�V'2f�VWBvVV��0�W��FVBF���6�VFR6WfW&�F�2�bVGV6F����G&���r�W�W&6�6W2�@�6���V�G�WfV�G2F�B6��v66RF�R�V��F&��6&�ƗF�W2�bF�P�V�FVB7FFW2�g��V�FVB7FFW2&ג�V�FVB7FFW2�&��R6�'2��V�FVB7FFW26�7BwV&B�F�R6Ɩf�&��F����wV&B�F��2�V"�F�P�f�VWBvVV�W�W&6�6W2��6�VFVC��&W6�W&6R&WVW7BG&����6WFV�&W"#��#w�F��2�V"�DT�6��GV7FVB&W6�W&6R&WVW7BG&���F�FW7@�F�R&�6W72'�v��6�F�R6�G��B6�V�G��b6�g&�6�66�v���&WVW7BW�FW&��7W�'B���VWF��r7&�F�6���VF�6�&W7��6R�VVG2�F�RG&���f�7W6VB���FV�F�g���r�B7V&֗GF��r&WVW7G2�g&��F�R��6�F�7FFP��WfV��f�"&W6�W&6W2�VVFVBv�F���F�Rf�'7B�b��W'2F�7W�'B�VF�6�7W&vR6&�ƗF�W2�B��6�VFV@�FW7F��r��r6�g&�6�66�6�&V6V�fR�B6�V6�֖�֖ƗF'��VF�6�76WG2�v��6�vW&R6WB�WF�6V�BF�V6�W&&W&rvV�W&���7�F��76WB��BԖ��B6WB�WG&�����7F�&W"�#w�F��2G&�����F����ǒ&Vv�B�bֆ�W'2�7B�V'F�V�P��BFW7FVBF�R&�ƗG��bF�R�'B�b6�g&�6�66��BF�RFW'F�V�B�bV�W&vV�7���vV�V�BF�6���&�&F�fVǒ&V6V�fR�B6�V6�֖�֖ƗF'�76WG2'&�f��rB�W"S��F�R�'B�b6�g&�6�66�2vV���27FFR76WG2F�B'&�fVBF�&V7FǒB�V6�W&&W&r6�g&�6�66�vV�W&���7�F���VF�6�7W&vRF�7���b6&�ƗF�W2�B��FVw&F���F�67W76�����7F�&W""�#w�FV���7G&FVBFW���V@�f�V�B�VF�6�G&VF�V�Bf6�ƗF�W2�B76WG2g&��F�R6�g&�6�66�FW'F�V�B�bV&Ɩ2�V�F��6Ɩf�&��V�W&vV�7��VF�6�6W'f�6W2WF��&�G���BR�2��&��R6�'2B�V6�W&&W&r6�g&�6�66�vV�W&����7�F��F�RFV���7G&F�����v�Ɩv�FVBF�R6����6F����B��FVw&F����b�VF�6�76WG2BF�R��6��WfV��F�R&�w&�V��6��W2F�R�WF��G2��v��6���v�7F�6��VVG2&R�FV�F�f�VB�6���V�6FVB��B��vV@����rF�W6RV�F�F�W2v�F�F�Rv���b&WGFW"V�FW'7F�F��r��r7FFR�BfVFW&�'F�W'2��FVw&FR��F�F�P�V&Ɩ2�V�F��B�VF�6���6�FV�B��vV�V�B7G'V7GW&R�6V��"�VFW'26V֖�"�4�2���7F�&W"B�R�#w�f�7W6W2��֖ƗF'��B6�f�Ɩ�6��W&F����ইV��F&��76�7F�6R�BF�67FW"&W7��6R֗76���2�DT�6��GV7FVBgVV�F�67W76����&6VBW�W&6�6P�GW&��rF�R4�2v�F�'F�6�F���g&����6��&Vv�����7FFR�fVFW&������v�fW&��V�F��B&�fFR6V7F� �'F�W'2�VW"�F��VW"�VF�6�W�6��vR��7F�&W"�B�#w�V�FW2F�R6�g&�6�66�&�&Vw2�VF�6��@�&W7��FW"6���V�G�v�F�F�RR�2��g��B�&��R6�'2�B�W�&�fFR6V7F�"'F�W'2��W�W&6�6W2F�W�V7WFRF�V�BG&VF�V�B�B��fV�V�B���&vR66�RF�67FW"6WGF��r