2017 College Track Social Mobility Report 2017 Social Mobility Report | Page 3

Why measure upward social mobility? At College Track, we believe that a benefit students beyond our cohorts and successful career, economic security, and opportunities for recent graduates. college degree is the gateway to a unlocking the potential in every student. start a broader conversation about career To that end, we survey our graduates to Given that most of our alumni are and to discover whether certain patterns upward social mobility as the ability gain more insight into this assumption in college correlate with more successful career outcomes. College Track’s commitment of 10 years to each student gives us a unique advantage from many educational groups that do not yet follow students over this length of time – from the end of middle school to post-college careers. We measure upward social mobility in our students because equity matters, both in education and in the working world. We hope our findings about the factors that helped students reach better post-college outcomes can recent college graduates, we define to find employment within six months To gain more insight on the factors that may have helped certain students reach better post-college outcomes, we also looked into: 4Whether having a part-time job in college hampers career outcomes. of graduating college combined with 4Whether having several we asked: career outcomes. economic security. In Winter 2016, 4How long did it take you to get your first job? internships correlates with better 4The point at which debt negatively impacts a student’s ability to repay. 4How much did you earn at that first job? 4Did you feel you earned enough to provide for your basic needs? College Track Page 3