2017 Annual Report - Page 4

Together, we celebrate the impact that Council for Life has made over the past 16 years. Since 2001, the Lord has enabled Council for Life to donate more than $7 million to 48 life-affirming agencies representing the full spectrum of the complex issues that surround unplanned pregnancies. Council for Life carefully vets these beneficiaries and identifies the most compelling projects through a rigorous grant application and research process. Each beneficiary undergoes ongoing accountability and oversight. Council for Life is grateful for the faith-based, compassionate services that these agencies provide and for their commitment to empowering women, men and youth to make life-affirming choices. You have made a significant impact for life by giving generously of your time and resources. Because of your faithful support, we were able to host nineteen life-affirming events throughout 2017 alone. Our speakers effectively shared their personal stories that demonstrated every life is equally valuable, and redemption and restoration are possible. Thank you for helping us gather together over 2,800 men, women and young adults to collaborate in our efforts to influence our culture for life. We are grateful and humbled to serve alongside each of you. By uniting together with grace, love and mercy, we can change hearts and minds in our city for LIFE. For LIFE, Lisa Roossien 2017 Council for Life President