2017 Annual E-Report 2017 Annual E-Report - Page 3

STRATEGIC BOARD GOALS ESTABLISH AND STRENGTHEN PARTNERSHIPS Assess and Leverage Relationships and Identify Gaps Cultivate One-on-One Relationships with Strategic Partners and Businesses Provide A Seamless Information Pipeline Between Service Professionals Track Key Community Relationships Expand Organizational Relationships to Support Initiatives EFFECTIVELY/EFFICIENTLY TARGET RURAL AREA SERVICES Ensure Service Delivery Actively Communicate Services Increase Visibility of Workforce Team in Rural Areas Link Board Professionals with Service Professionals in Rural Area INCREASE WORKFORCE AWARENESS Gain Visibility for Workforce Activities Educate Key Workforce Audiences on Outreach Tools and Collaterals Leverage Resources to Maximize Value EXPAND INNOVATIVE SERVICES TO BUSINESS Provide High-Quality, Skills-Based Training to Meet Employer Needs Identify Job Seekers Requiring Additional Services and Support to Obtain Employment EXPLORE NEW REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES Diversify New Income Sources Leverage Existing Funding IMPROVE INTERNAL EFFICIENCIES Minimize Organizational Bureaucracy Demonstrate Professional Quality System-Wide Ensure Efficient and Effective Use of Resources Strengthen Relationship with Appointed Board REFINE BOARD CULTURE Increase Awareness of Professional Resources Engage Appointed Board of Directors Demonstrate Professionalism 02