2017 Annual E-Report 2017 Annual E-Report - Page 17

COMMUNITY STEWARDS The Board of Directors has four planning committees to further refine overall goals and strategies for continuous improvement of service to the communities in the Coastal Bend region. This strategic business plan involves the coordination of resources to best implement Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) employment and training. The Board’s planning committees build on this basic plan to establish an overall vision for the workforce area. The committees are as follows: Executive/Finance, Child Care Services, Public Relations and Workforce Services. 2017 COMMITTEE STRUCTURE EXECUTIVE/FINANCE Responsible for oversight of all Standing Committee recommendations and then takes the recommendations to the Board for final approval. CHILD CARE SERVICES Responsible for all issues dealing with management of Child Care Services. PUBLIC RELATIONS Responsible for the expansion of an awareness/outreach plan to broaden public recognition of programs and services. WORKFORCE SERVICES Responsible for monitoring all issues associated with the delivery of programs through the Business and Career Centers and the quality of those services, including Youth Services, Persons With Disabilities, and Veterans. Victor M. Gonzalez, Jr., Chair Jason Alaniz, Vice-Chair Gloria D. Perez, Past Chair Parrish Jones, Secretary John W. Owens, Treasurer Marcia Keener, Child Care Services Chair J.J. Johnston, Public Relations Chair Velma Soliz-Garcia, Workforce Services Chair Marcia Keener, Chair Ed Sample, Vice-Chair Mary Afuso Noemi Aguilar Sara Garza Mary V. Gleason J.J. Johnston, Chair Jesse Gatewood, Vice-Chair Rosie Collin Joan McKaughan Carlos Ramirez Adam Smith C. Michelle Unda Catrina Wilson Velma Soliz-Garcia, Chair J.C. Perez, Vice-Chair Gary Allsup Randy Giesler Kari Kelley Manny Salazar Stanley Tuttle Betty Garcia Verna Portis 16