2017 Annual E-Report 2017 Annual E-Report - Page 13

LEARN! EDUCATOR EXTERNSHIP 70+ Educators 16 Independent School Districts Over 70 educators representing 16 Independent School Districts participated in two week-long (July 10-14 and July 17-21) YOU Learn! Educator Externship Programs that immersed them in Coastal Bend careers. The YOU Learn! Initiative provided funding to Citizens for Educational Excellence (CEE) to create partnerships among workforce, industry and educators to develop an effective workforce system by 15+ Employers allowing this select group to make the connection between academic skills and the workplace. With over 15 employers participating, i.e. elementary, middle and high school teachers, and counselors engaged in activities through the externship in which they learned about skill sets exhibited in the daily rigors of occupations in Business, Health Care, Professional Skills & Trades and Public Service and how classroom content can be applied in the real world. TOP 3 CAREER SEARCHES 1 MEDICAL 15,821 2 WELDING Visits Since May 2016 3 NURSING CAREER COACH 2,699 Assessment Tests Completed Career Coach is an interactive labor market and career information tool available to the public through the WFSCB website. This tool provides current employment trends, wages, and job postings by occupation for the Coastal Bend region. It also assists undecided students and job seekers with career assessments and a helpful resume writer, complete with marketable skills descriptions. CRAYONS TO CAREER PATHWAY Discover Your Direction High School YOU CHOOSE! Career Expo Careers In Texas Industries Week Career Coach Middle School Pre-Kindergarten Post Secondary Employment Training CURRICULUM Kindergarten Coastal Compass Elementary iDiscovery Safari YOU! YOUTH OPPORTUNITIES UNLIMITED 12