2016 Stallion Review February 2016 - Page 55

Stats Page explained Statistical Analysis of the Leading Sires of Young Show Horses Statistics of the production of a stallion give you a true measure of how well a stallion is reproducing his talent. To better see how the leading stallions measure up we analyzed the stallions production compared to his offspring’s success in the show ring. The resulting tables are for Tennessee Walking Horses shown as 2, 3 and 4 year olds in 2015. For a sire to be recognized, he had to have at least 3 different ribbon-winning offspring in these age groups combined. Some stallion listed may only have 2 year olds and some 2 and 3 year olds only. Open and Amateur classes designated for horses 2, 3, or 4 years old were combined in these statistics. Flat shod classes designated for 4 and under were also included. Each sire is grouped according to their production volume. They are listed in the order of percentage of get successful in the show ring. The columns are as follows; production group, sire name, total points won by get in 2015, total ribbons won by get in 2015, average points per get in 2015, number of ribbon winning get in 2015, total registered get born from 10/01/2010 thru 9/30/2013, The percentage of total get successful in the show ring, the number of performance ribbon winning get and the number of flat shod ribbon winning get. Again, all of these statistics are only for those classes, that a sire’s offspring were shown under saddle that were designated as a 4 year old or under class. Also to repeat, No other stallions had 3 or more offspring placing in a four and under class under saddle. Those stallions designated with a stand at stud at Rising Star Ranch. Data sources were, TWHBEA Premium Ipeds, The Walking Horse Report Online “Stallion Report” and “Progeny Search”.