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Members of a coalition supporting public-private partnership legislation , including bill sponsors Rep . Leslie Combs and Sen . Max Wise and Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Dave Adkisson gathered at the Capitol Rotunda for a news conference during the legislative session .

After two years of non-passage , public-private partnerships get support from House , Senate and governor

One of the Chamber ’ s top priorities , House Bill 309 , which authorizes public-private partnerships ( P3 ), was successfully signed into law this session after being vetoed by Governor Beshear two years ago and dying in the Senate last year . The Chamber began advocating for P3 legislation after its publication of “ Private Solutions to Public Problems ” in 2013 .
P3s provides a much-needed tool for our state and local governments , especially during tight budget times , which allows them to leverage private investment to complete necessary infrastructure projects and efficiently serve the public .
The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted in November 2015 to help address Kentucky ’ s qualified workforce shortage by for the first time supporting legislation that would expunge some non-violent Class D felonies , which could provide work opportunities for thousands of individuals who are currently limited by a single past mistake . Such a bill had been introduced in the Kentucky legislature for many years and would pass the House but had never received a hearing in the Senate .
The version of House Bill 40 that passed both legislative chambers and was signed into law by the governor requires a judge to vacate the felony before having it expunged , contains a five-year waiting period and limits the number of felonies that would be applicable for expungement .
Upon the bill ’ s passage , bill sponsor Rep . Darryl Owens thanked the Kentucky Chamber for our support of the legislation .
“ Having the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce ’ s endorsement was truly the turning point on the road to success ,” Owens wrote .
House Bill 309 , sponsored by Rep . Leslie Combs , was the result of work with a broad base of coalition members and legislators on both sides of the aisle who worked hard to ensure this legislation offers a transparent mechanism for projects and services at the state and local level .
With the passage of House Bill 309 , the legislature sent a strong signal to Kentucky ’ s business community , local governments , contractors and workforce that Kentucky is open for business and serious about forging ahead to provide needed infrastructure and services in an innovative fashion .

Non-violent Class D felons now have a chance to help address Kentucky ’ s qualified workforce shortage

Gov . Matt Bevin signed legislation enabling the expungement of some non-violent class D felonies along with Rep . Darryl Owens , Sen . Gerald Neal , Justice Secretary John Tilley , Rep . David Floyd and Senate President Robert Stivers .
“ Having the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce ’ s endorsement was truly the turning point on the road to success , and convincing the Chamber ’ s Board and members that House Bill 40 is a workforce issue was the crucial first step in capturing the Senate ’ s ultimate approval . Scores of Kentuckians will experience life-changing opportunities once their record is expunged and , in turn , our Commonwealth will be a more compassionate and economically viable place to live .
Darryl Owens , State Representative