2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues Fall/ November 2016 E-Magazine - Page 8

Call For “A” Award Nominations This bronze statue sculpted by Karen Galemba depicts beautifully the universal appeal of the American Miniature Horse. If you know of an AMHA Member deserving of an “A” Award, it is time to submit his/her name. The Annual “A” Award is presented to an outstanding AMHA Member in recognition of exceptional contributions toward the perpetuation, promotion, use and/or breeding of the American Miniature Horse and/or promoting growth of the AMHA Membership. If you know an AMHA Member deserving of this distinguished “A” Award, nominations are accepted from November 1 through December 31 of each year. Nomination forms can be downloaded online at www.amha.org. The “A” Award is presented during the AMHA Annual Meeting and Convention. ■ N  ominations must be submitted by an AMHA Member in good standing. ■ Nominee must be an AMHA Member, in good standing, for a minimum of five (5) years. ■ Nominations should be emailed, faxed or mailed to AMHA and received by December 31, prior to the AMHA Annual Meeting. The Nominee for the Annual “A” Award should: ■ have demonstrated exceptional and specific ■ h  ave earned recognition and respect as a positive, active and inspirational representative of the American Miniature Horse Association. ■ h  ave provided volunteer service and/or 6 Miniature Horse World FA L L 2 20 016 16 resources, either community or within AMHA with clear positive results on behalf of the American Miniature Horse Association without regard to personal economic or professional gain. 2002 Lifetime Dr. Ray Ross Volunteer Nancy Rivenburgh Membership Nancy Grizzaffi 2003 Lifetime Lowell Boone Volunteer Leslie Cunningham Membership Barbara Marschall 2004 Lifetime Bill Mc Kew Volunteer Tony Greaves Membership Toni Reece These are the requirements to be met by a deserving AMHA member for the coveted “A” Award. contributions toward the perpetuation, promotion, use or breeding of the American Miniature Horse or has clearly influenced and retained members or directly promoted acquiring new members. 2005 Lifetime Bill Putman Volunteer Jerry Venable Volunteer Alex Weisberg 2006 Lifetime Bob Kane Volunteer Sami Scheuring Membership Not Awarded 2007 Lifetime Tom O’Connell Volunteer Allison Rosauer Membership Gerald & Bettye Wells 2008 Lifetime Barbara Ashby Volunteer Bob & Betty Branch Membership Bob Padula 2009 Lifetime Ed & Marianne Eberth Volunteer Jim Barenklau Membership Ron Scheuring 2010 Lifetime Mike Want Volunteer Kathy Howard Membership Roy Brewer 2011 Lifetime K. C. Pappas Volunteer Richard Sievert Membership Teri Collins 2012 Lifetime Wade Burns Volunteer Larry Elniff Membership Not Awarded, no nominations 2013 Lifetime Carole Heermann Volunteer Polly Hyde Membership Tina Fisseler 2014 Lifetime Tony Greaves Membership John and Linda Lambert 2015 Lifetime Bill Humphries Volunteer Bill & Susan Arnold Membership Al Bulgawicz 2016 Lifetime Janet King Volunteer Barbara Naviaux