2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues Fall/ November 2016 E-Magazine - Page 22

CL-010 –D Halter Class General Rules Submitted by: Youth Committee Page 100 # 1610 Horses must be serviceably sound or be disqualified for that class, in good condition, and well groomed. Transmissible weakness will be penalized. Overbites/underbites that exceed ½ depth (thickness) of the teeth will be severely penalized, with the exception of gelding. Judges MUST check teeth on all horses except geldings. Judges MUST check teeth on all stallions and mares with the exception of mares being exhibited in a youth 7 & under class. In Supreme Halter class, all teeth must be checked. (Amended 02-21-02, effective 01-03). WS-030 – Classes Submitted by: Youth Committee Page 168 -173 #1611 Add: 191. Youth Reinmanship 8 – 18 0 qualifying points Optional at all local shows and required at Championship and World Championship shows. CL-025-G Performance Division Submitted by: Show Rules – Mary Lou Elder Page 107 # 1614 Front leg wraps and/or shin boots are permitted in Jumper only (Not in Hunter). CL- 030-F Driving Class Gen