2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues Fall/ November 2016 E-Magazine - Page 21

The IDEAL ROADSTER HORSE shall be shown with contact on the reins at all times. Stride should be “flowing”, exhibiting knee action and/or reach with hock action. The horse should be in the bridle with neck carriage comfortable with the poll being the highest point and flexion to fit the horse’s conformation. Roadster to be judged on performance, quality, speed, manners, attitude, conformation and appearance; IN THAT ORDER A Roadsters shall be shown to a Bike ( a two-wheeled cart with stirrups and no basket). Wheel covers are permitted. Shall be shown in Light Harness which consists of a bridle with reins attached to the bit only and passed through the saddle terrets and martingale if used. Also required, are blinders, a throatlatch and a noseband or cavesson. The bridle must have an overcheck or sidecheck attached from the bit to the saddle. A martingale and/or separate check bit are optional. All martingales and un-weighted bell boots are optional. The exhibitor must wear colors (cap and jacket to match, patterned after racing silks, no sequins or glitter). All youth exhibitors may choose to wear a helmet instead of a cap. Braiding of a horse’s forelock and first section of mane hair with ribbon optional. ( Amended 2-21-03, effective 01-04) (Amended 02-12, effective 01-13). PERFORMANCE AND QUALITY ARE PARAMOUNT PERFORMANCE Presence and elevation with forward impulsion, steady in each gait with definite gait changes. QUALITY A bold picture, demonstrating freedom of movement, while in the bridle, in a collected manner displaying the horse’s athletic ability with forward impulsion at a Jog Trot. At the Road Gait, the horse exhibits more power, speed and motion. The Drive On Trot is performed with a lengthening of stride but no decrease of collection or loss of form. SPEED A lengthening of stride with no decrease of collection or loss of form. MANNERS Horse should appear willing to work and under control at all 3 gaits. ATTITUDE Settled in the bridle with smooth gait transitions. CONFORMATION Form to function. APPEARANCE Of both equipment and driver’s attire. B. Judging procedure: Roadsters must enter the ring clockwise at a Jog Trot, then show at the Road Gait, turn counterclockwise at the Jog Trot, show at the Road Gait and Drive On Trot. Roadster horses should have animation, brilliance, and show ring presence. At all speeds they should work in form with head set and legs working beneath them. At speed the trot should be in balance with long reaching action in front with straight true movement. Pacey or mixed gaited horses that pace or rack will be penalized. Horses should be shown on the rail at all times except when passing. Performance at all three (3) gaits should be considered. When horses are lined up, driver shall not leave his/her vehicle except for necessary adjustments. C. Gait requirement: The principal gait requirement for roadsters in the Trot at three (3) different speeds – the slow Jog Trot, the Road Gait, and at a full extended Drive-On Trot. Horses must not be asked to rein back. A horse that has not demonstrated distinct gaits and smooth transitions (change of gaits) should not be placed over a horse that has demonstrated greater ability but has had a minor or incidental break in gait. FA L L 2016 Miniature Horse World 19