2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues Fall/ November 2016 E-Magazine - Page 19

2017 AMHA Annual Meeting & Convention Voting Items T hese items will be presented to the membership for a vote at the 2017 Annual Meeting and Convention. For more information on the meeting visit: www.amha.org. If you have any questions regarding any of these items, please contact the appropriate committee chair or your director. 2016 BYLAWS AMENDMENTS The following amendments are for review in 2016 and include staff impact statements. Note: All deletions will be strikethrough & changes will be indicated by Bold & underlined print. The number on the right side of the page is for identification purposes only. Article XIV – Horse Shows Submitted by: Bylaws Committee page 31 #1630 The World Championship Show shall be held in the Central (Regions 6, 7, 12, 13) section of North America. The World Championship Show site shall be selected based upon criteria including but not limited to enclosed and covered areas; enclosed stalls sufficient in number to meet the current needs of the Association; close proximity of hotels, restaurants, availability, cost, quality, features, etc. Article IV, Section - Members Submitted by: Julie Good page 13 #1632 Membership in AMHA is a privilege, not a right, and is open to all persons who subscribe to the objectives of the AMHA. Members agree to abide by its rules and regulations. Membership or application, therefore, may be terminated or refused by the Board of Directors. Members of the Association shall be admitted, retained, reprimanded, fined, suspended or expelled in accordance with such rules and regulations as the membership may, from time to time adopt. In all matters of elections governed by a vote of the members, each regular and lifetime member in good standing who has attained the age of nineteen (19) years shall be entitled to one vote. Associate and youth members shall not be entitled to vote. To do business with AMHA you one must be a regular, associate or lifetime member with the exceptions of the following business transactions: · Applying for a Permanent Measurement Card or a duplicate Permanent Measurement Card · Purchasing a non-member Amateur card or to opt-out of AOTE · Updating any AMHA registration papers from temporary to permanent status · Updating AMHA registration papers from a stallion to gelding · Transferring ownership of an AMHA horse · Leasing an AMHA horse · Requesting a duplicate registration certificate · Miniature Horse World advertising FA L L 2016 Miniature Horse World 17