2016 Miniature Horse WORLD Issues December 2016 Volume 32, Number 6 | Page 22

mini scoop L iz Delfs, founder of My Little Horse Listener, has created a clever way to incorporate literacy, positive reinforcement and Miniature horses into a successful program that helps children with reading difficulties. This program utilizes Miniature horses as ‘listeners’ for children who are not comfortable and confident when reading aloud in the presence of others whom they perceive to be judging their reading skills. It is indisputable that reading aloud creates stronger readers and is an important step in a child’s literacy development. Increased fluency and comprehension, grammar, focused attention – all of these skills and more can result from reading aloud. A Read-aloud Literacy Program for Children and Mini Horses Miniature horses seem especially intuitive when children open a book, and start reading to a new friend. The horses seem to be very much ‘in the moment’ and listen intently. The two horses that are used in this program were carefully selected for their small size, gentle spirit and intelligence. There is no charge for their services, but Little Horse Listener does accept donations for The Horse Shelter, a rescue facility in Santa Fe for abused, abandoned and neglected horses. For more information about this program, visit: www. mylittlehorselistener.com. Try Quiessence® Drug Free Pelleted Product Magnesium / Chromium Formula Cresty-necked, overweight, founder-prone horses and ponies have shown weight loss and improved soundness with magnesium added to daily rations. Pelleted, palatable, drug free Quiessence® is also effective for relaxing hot, tense or nervous horses, and sore, tight muscles or back. Call For A Free Sample: 540-337-5450 Visit our website at: NUTRITION THAT 20 Miniature Horse World WORKS D E C E M B E R 2 0 16 www.FoxdenEquine.com Apple the Movie Horse Amy Smart, Burt Reynolds and Jack Griffo will star in the inspirational family drama “And Then There Was Light,” The story centers on a young girl who loses her eyesight after a traumatic accident. Her parents seek out various options to help her adjust, including enrolling her in a program for seeing-eye dogs, but she is unable to connect until the head trainer of Southeastern Guide Dogs trains a Miniature horse to be her companion. Smart will play the mother of the girl and Reynolds will portray the trainer. “It’s a really beautiful story about the bonds between family and overcoming adversity as a unit,” Smart said. “I felt a strong emotional connection to this project and I’m so excited to be participating.” Although the concept of using Miniature horses as guide animals is not condoned by many Miniature horse owners or the AMHA, the movie release should spark a renewed interest in minis, allowing an opportunity to educate and expose the public to their gentle demeanors and willing personalities. “And Then There Was Light” does not yet have a release date. You can visit Apple’s facebook page at: Facebook.com/ AppletheMovieHorse