2016 House Programs Voces - Page 3

III. Seguirilla IV. Taranta Choreography Sara Baras Music Keko Baldomero Lyrics Rubio de Pruna Dance Sara Baras—José Serrano Choreography Sara Baras Music Keko Baldomero Lyrics Rubio de Pruna, Keko Baldomero Dance Sara Baras “Flamenco is flamenco, it is always sorrowful, you understand? And even love, love is sorrowful in essence too, and everything is a sorrow and a joy, you know? I think it depends on how the person takes and administers it, you know? It’s like everything, it’s like everything; you must be born with that feeling, with that knowledge, or rather with that wisdom in order to understand and to see things in a certain way and the difference is that you have to be an artist to go out and sing on a stage because you have to have, I don’t know, a kind of respect for the public, like for the bull... I think flamenco is going to continue, at least for as long as I live, no? Well I’m going to be there... when I make a record I don’t think about what people are going to say, you know? Because I know that for the time being they’re not going to understand, they have some time to understand it but you’re, you’re never happy with what you do, you always feel like you could do better, you know? In the long run, I know that whether it’s bad or good, that’s it, you know? Flamenco has nothing more than a kind of school-ethos: to pass on or not to pass on...” ►► Camarón De La Isla “Technique certainly plays a role that warrants much study, but it’s like driving; what you want to achieve is for technique to become not a mental act but a reflexive one, so to be able to express your feelings… I’m never going to give up in front of my colleagues: when I demand something of them it’s because they can give it, I don’t ask more of them than they can give, I’m even demanding of myself and furthermore, I think that man, that human beings have to have the dignity to take full advantage of themselves. This is not the profession to make you rich, or to make you better looking or for you to be praised in, it is a profession in which you represent a culture and you represent a very fine work, and whether it’s art or not you’ll see later… and why people dance is being forgotten; people used to dance through a state of emotion; because they were sad, because they were happy, because they wanted to fight. For that they danced…” ►► Antonio Gades V. Las Carmenes Choreography Sara Baras Music Keko Baldomero Dance Corps de Ballet VI. Romance del Negro del Puerto Voice Rubio de Pruna