2016 House Programs Triptyque - Page 2

AUSTRALIAN EXCLUSIVE LES 7 DOIGTS TRIPTYQUE Canada’s Les 7 doigts (The 7 Fingers) straddle the gap between circus and dance to take you where neither can alone. Now, for the first time in the company’s history, a trio of outside choreographers from the top of the dance world have been invited to reimagine the collision of these forms. These keen-eyed and daring dancemakers refuse to be limited by the constraints of the typical human body and deploy the rare strength and gracefulness of their performers to otherworldly effect. The vocabulary of dance is expanded, while circus itself is transformed. By turns playful and melancholic, sensual and surreal, the three works assembled for Triptyque open portals into bedrooms and hospital wards, urban jungles and dreamscapes, and in each gravity is more of a suggestion than a fact. Act 1 Anne & Samuel Act 2 Variations 9.81 Act 3 Nocturnes Duration 2 hrs, with two intervals