2016 House Programs The Dark Chorus - Page 3

CHORUS CREDITS Concept & Direction LUCY GUERIN Choreographer LUCY GUERIN WITH THE DANCERS Dancers BENJAMIN HANCOCK STEPHANIE LAKE JESSIE OSHODI LILIAN STEINER TYRONE ROBINSON Composer ROBIN FOX Production Manager & Lighting Designer PAUL LIM Lucy Guerin Inc would like to thank Dramaturg ADENA JACOBS Costume Designers HARRIET OXLEY BENJAMIN HANCOCK Chorus Costume Design & Construction JACK HANCOCK Costume Makers TIRION RODWELL MADELINE SOMERS Production Coordinator EMILY O’BRIEN Stage Manager BINDI GREEN Executive Producer ANNETTE VIEUSSEUX Assistant Producer CLAIRE BRADLEY DUKE The Chorus MARLO BENJAMIN CHLOE DOBSON SCOTT ELSTERMANN JONATHON HAVAKIS LOUELLA MAY HOGAN VIOLA IIDA SUREKHA KRISHNAN SIOBHAN MCKENNA ROSEMARY OSMOND EMMA RICHES Jonathon Holloway and the team at Melbourne Festival, First In Last Out, Erin Milne, Cory at Parkhill Cellars, Justine Coultham, Jo Foley, Kat Chan, Zowie Minchin, Gregory Lorenzutti, Gus Kemp, Amber Rose Lim, James Conway, Jy Hildred, Emma Devereux and The Dark Chorus Secondees: Isabelle Beauverd, Stefanie Grogan, Reece Hawthorne, Jessica Matheson, Emily Molnar, Bianca Rezo, Kyall Shanks and Rachel Whelan.