2016 House Programs The Dark Chorus - Page 2

THE DARK CHORUS Lucy Guerin unleashes a dance premiere that will enfold you in the embrace of darkness. The dramatic chorus is both the voice of the people and of your most intimate thoughts, a moving sculpture of bodies and concepts made flesh. From the mind of one of Australia’s most renowned choreographers springs a commanding new work that reaches back to the roots of ancient theatre to create something entirely of the now. Shadow and illumination, the individual and the mob, the fantastic and the all-too real—these opposites melt into each other in a compelling maelstrom of dance with an irresistible undertow. Be carried away. Duration 1 hr, no interval ARTIST TALK TUE 11 OCT 6.30PM, post-show FREE FROM THE ARTISTIC DIRECTOR The Dark Chorus began in my mind as a vivid, visual structure, a bright circular light surrounded by a dark shadowy circumference. The past lurks in the shadows while a different mode of expression tests itself in the middle. The black clad chorus carries history, power and familiarity while the central figures counter its language, associations, rhythms and aesthetics. The chorus generates its own opposition. It is alluring and seductive but also controlling. The tensions of binaries; light and dark, past and present, abstract and literal, motion and stillness, sound and silence, internal and external, generate the elements of the performance. But in the end, the seduction of these absolutes gives way to tragedy. How can we accommodate the complex, multiple needs of individuals, communities and societies while extreme, dominant voices are getting louder? And what are the consequences of creating something new or different and of rejecting our history? LUCY GUERIN INC THE DARK “Although it has a classical frame, The Dark Chorus speaks to our contemporary questions around power—our fears of being controlled, radicalised, indoctrinated. In this environment how can we achieve freedom?” —Adena Jacobs, Dramaturg At times this process felt like a performance machine in motion. It seemed to have its own momentum and to propel us into places that we didn’t anticipate. Its intensity and drama surprised me. There is no single way to read this dance. Viewers bring their own history, knowledge and references to their watching, and these will resonate with the movement and images. There is a multiplicity of ways to connect with the show that are all important and all intended. Looking forward to hearing your responses. ►► LUCY GUERIN, Artistic Director