2016 House Programs Thank You For Coming: Attendance - Page 6

Faye Driscoll Director
• Faye is a Bessie Award-winning choreographer and director whose work is rooted in an obsession with the problem of being ‘ somebody ’ in a world of other ‘ somebodies .’ Originally from Venice Beach , California , Driscoll moved to New York in 1994 to train in dance at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU . She began her career dancing with groups such as Yasmeen Godder , David Neumann and Doug Varone and Dancers . In 2005 Faye started making her own work , aiming to create immersive worlds of sensorial complexity and perceptual disorientation . These investigations gave rise to a wide range of works including : Loneliness ( 2006 ), exhibited in the Younger Than Jesus triennial at the New Museum ; Wow Mom , Wow ( 2007 ), a postmodern / pop musical / death metal fantasy ; 837 Venice Boulevard ( 2008 , Bessie Award ), an autobiographical work within a theatre within a home ; There is so much mad in me ( 2010 ), an exploration of ecstatic states ; You ’ re Me ( 2012 ), a duet distorted by props , paint and manic costume shifts and Thank You For Coming : Attendance ( 2014 ) the first part in a series of works that propose performance as a shared political act , where performer and audience co-create reality .
Driscoll is currently working on the second in the series Thank You For Coming : Play which focuses on the consumption and fabrication of stories to make our lives cohere . It premiered at the Wexner Center for the Arts in September 2016 and will be playing at BAM ’ s Next Wave Festival in November 2016 .
Faye ’ s work has been presented across the US at places such as Walker Art Center , Wexner Center for the Arts , ICA / Boston , Danspace Project , and American Dance Festival , and internationally to Theatre de Vanves Festival Artdanthe , Theatre de Gennevilliers , Festival D ’ Automne a Paris , Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb , Centro de Arte Experimental UNSAM in Buenos Aires , Belfast International Festival and in the Made in USA Festival , Onassis Cultural Center in Athens , Greece . She has received a 2013 Guggenheim Fellowship and a 2016 Doris Duke Artist Award .
Giulia Carotenuto Performer
• Giulia is a NYC-based dance artist from Rome . Moving to New York in 2008 , she had the honour of working with artists including Mark Dendy , Douglas Dunn , Catherine Miller and Kate Fisher . In 2011 Giulia became a member of Pavel Zustiak ’ s Palissimo , with whom she created and performed Strange Cargo , the third part of The Painted Bird Trilogy . Later that year she joined Monica Bill Barnes & Company and toured , taught , and performed in venues including the Joyce Theatre , Skirball Center for the Performing Arts and The Kennedy Center in Washington DC . In 2012 she joined the Faye Driscoll Group , and could not be more thrilled to be performing Thank You for Coming : Attendance all over the world .
Alicia Ohs ( ayo ) Performer
• Alicia is a dance maker and community builder interested in what makes people laugh , cry and continue . She has shown her own work in New York and San Francisco . AO has worked with Movement Research as a curator , educator and a founding member of the Artists of Color Council . She is honoured to have performed with Sally Silvers , Andrea Geyer , niv Acosta , Sondra Loring , Laura Arrington and RoseAnne Spradlin . She is a graduate of Tisch School of the Arts and Experimental Theatre Wing . She lives in Brooklyn , NY .
Sean Donovan Performer
• Sean is a New York actor , dancer and writer . He has worked with Faye Driscoll , Miguel Gutierrez , Jane Comfort and Company , The Builders Association , Witness Relocation , 600 Highwaymen and Jennie Marytai Liu . He creates theatre and mixed media works in collaboration with Sebastián Calderón Bentin . Original works include the site-specific bilingual piece Se Vende at the FAE Festival in Panama , The Climate Chronicles at Incubator Arts Project , NYC and 18 ½ Minutes at JACK , NYC . He is currently an Artist-in-Residence at HERE Arts Center , NYC . Sean received his BFA in Theatre from NYU ’ s Experimental Theatre Wing . He has trained and performed internationally in France , Holland , Romania , Poland , Russia , Panama , Argentina , Croatia , Canada , Thailand and Japan working with the highly acclaimed Ildi ! Eldi of France and Sankai Juku Butoh company of Japan .
Biographies Amanda K. Ringger Lighting Design/Production Management • Amanda lives in New York and designs locally, nationally and internationally with artists including Faye Driscoll, Doug Elkins, Cynthia Oliver, Molly Poerstel, Jennifer Archibald, Julian Barnett, Nora Chipaumire, Alexandra Beller, Deborah Lohse, Laura Peterson, Donnell Oakley, Kota Yamazaki, 10 Hairy Legs, Darrah Carr and cakeface. She received a BA from Goucher College in Baltimore, MD and an MFA in lighting design from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. She is the recipient of a 2009 Bessie award for her collaboration on Faye Driscoll’s 837 Venice Boulevard at HERE Arts. Alessandra Calabi Stage Manager/Tour Manager • Alessandra is an interdisciplinary artist from Milan, Italy, who works at the intersection of performance, politics and critical theory. She is a graduate of the New School for Social Research, where she completed her Masters Degree in Philosophy. Alessandra is the stage manager and a main collaborator of Andrew Schneider’s Obie-award winning YOUARENOWHERE, and a member of the collaborative arts group Fixed Agency, Artists-inResidence at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for 2014 and creators of Private(i), an immersive mixed-reality adventure about state surveillance. Recent credits include 17 Border Crossings (BAM Next Wave) and LongYarn (The Bushwick Starr). She has worked with Pascal Rambert (A (micro) history of world economics, danced), Palissimo (Painted Bird: Bastard), Andrew Schneider (FIELD) and Zishan Ugurlu (LaMaMa ETC). Randi Rivera On Site Production Manager • Randi is a native New Yorker. She holds a BA in Theatre from Hamilton College and studied Production at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Randi is a full-time freelancer who has worked with Phantom Limb Company, Keigwin + Company, The Chocolate Factory, Sidra &VF6RFVrVƶ06&Vw&WF2Bb7G&FFR&F0v&VBFW&FǒBFW7F6ǒvFfPG&66w&W66R#B2F&VBF&P&6FR&BvFF2FVbW"v&0f"W"f֖ǒࠤW76R&G@'F7F2Gf6 ( W76R2W&f&VB26v&'W76&VvW&Wr&W6B7&VRv0#"2&W6FVB'F7BFR7GVF6W&W2&w&ЦBWr&ƗfR'G2v&rGVWB7&VFV@6&&FfR'FW'6vF6&Vw&W"W&f&W"VFGRRW76^( 26v&&Fp2FR&V6VBbF&VR#Wr&fFfPFVFW"v&G3WG7FFr6&Vw&WG7FFr6W&f&6RBWG7FFpW&f&6R'B&GV7FR2&V6VFǒFVvB@VfW'6GbFR'G2&&B6VvRW&6F6PfW7FfƖ2VfW'6GB6VvR0vV2BfW7Ff2&VB'W76W76Pv2V&W"b6VvVF6R'G26琢##bB&FF6R6#g&##2RW&f&VBFRv&bfPG&66BWGFW'W6גࠤvS&&&f