2016 House Programs Thank You For Coming: Attendance - Page 2

Prepare yourself for a joyous and intriguingly wild ride. Creative Team Conception & Direction: Faye Driscoll Choreography: Faye Driscoll in collaboration with the performers Performance: Giulia Carotenuto, Sean Donovan, Alicia Ohs, Toni Melaas, Brandon Washington / Original Cast: Nikki Zialcita Visual Design: Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin Sound Design/ Original Composition: Michael Kiley Lighting Design & Production Management: Amanda K. Ringger Stage Manager/Tour Manager: Alessandra Calabi Image: Maria Baranova On-Site Production Manager: Randi Rivera Artistic Advisor: Jesse Zaritt Choreographic Assistant: Nadia Tykulsker Costume Construction & Alteration: Sarah Thea Swafford Deceptively chaotic and spontaneous, Thank You For Coming: Attendance will take you on a journey of heightened exploration uncovering how we experience ourselves in relationship to others. Five virtuosic performers, passing through ever-morphing states of physical entanglement and scenes of distorted familiarity, will build new bodies, new stories, and new ways of being around a constantly constructed and re-imagined group experience. As audience and performers increasingly find themselves becoming one, a beautiful and chaotic shared identity emerges, culminating in a dynamic ritual of action and transformation.