2016 House Programs Lisa Gerrard - Page 2

“Gerrard’s voice, live, is a revelation.” ~ MESS AND NOISE A NOTE FROM LISA It has been a dream in my heart for such a long time to embrace and enfold a tribe of like minded kindred spirits in my homeland. A long ago love story that began on the streets of Melbourne: The Blank Page. A place to begin, a place to unlock and deliver the three dimensional desire to create a bridge of uncensored connectivity. A page to disqualify the influence of manipulating language, a place where the potential of us creating sounds that defy the prisons of judgment and academia can break through the membrane that separates us and allow us to embrace each other in a state of surrender devoid of division and confusion. If we seek a way to escape the horror of believing the things we are taught that bring fear and ignorance we seek love. We seek peace and a profound connection with our fellow man and nature. I have invited my dear friends and fellow musicians to share their unique abilities and passionate dedication to express and deliver a message straight into your hearts. James Orr, of course who has stood by me for 11 years in the face of adversity, especially my own. We have together braved the unknown of so many challenges and lived to tell the tale. David Kuckermann, a dancing spirit of light and soul and extraordinary ability. His hypnotic finesse transcends materiality. Gabriella Smart, an alchemist of innocent intrigue. I am also joined for the first time by performers Anne Norman and Helen Mountfort who gently bind and weave the secret language of the earth and wind. Sound poets arf arf, Michael Buckley, Frank Lovece and Marisa Stirpe awaken a purity and passion that wrenches at the very core tissue of an embroidered raw incorruptibility. Simon Bowley, a friend, a champion, a trusted faithful man that has been pivotal in allowing every detail of this journey to reach its true potential, his dedication and humble consistency have bound the very tissue of this arch to find its way to the shores of Hamer Hall. Tristan Upton, a silent surgeon overseeing and performing miraculous cures to injured and extremely tired pieces of equipment. IMAGE | Astrid Baudine Photography I wish in this note to also bring attention to the commitment of our technical team that have worked day and night to bring this opportunity to life. Astrid Williamson, whom I have worked side by side with in concerts with Dead Can Dance, co-composed with and relied on to champion the team. Her staying power and dedication has housed and enabled this work to be sound and sincere to its original intention.