2016 House Programs Lady Eats Apple - Page 4

“Turns the notion of theatre and the everyday inside out.” MORNING HERALD ~ ONSYDNEY SMALL METAL OBJECTS FROM THE ENSEMBLE We are people that work on shows. This show started when Simon [Laherty] said he wanted to make a tragedy. He also wanted to direct but Bruce [Gladwin] wouldn’t relinquish control. Lady Eats Apple is an experience, and we’re looking forward to feeling what the audience feels. If we had some advice for you, it’d be don’t take your headphones off at any point. It’s not broken, you’re just not paying attention. Watch the show and see how you feel at the end of it. Tell each other your theories, but don’t tell us. Like humans do, you will create your own myth. If nothing else, enjoy the majesty of us. FROM THE PRODUCER We kept saying that we wanted to make something slightly beyond our reach. At the outset, I’m certain we did not know how much care and grit and determination, and how much letting go this endeavour would require. I want to acknowledge Melbourne Festival and Arts Centre Melbourne for the collective leap required to make this work; our families, friends and collaborators for their enormous hearts; the bold courage of the ensemble, the immense generosity and ingenuity of our creative and technical team, the refined stewardship of our Board and the extreme dedication and creativity of the staff of Back to Back Theatre. To those individuals who have seen fit to support the company as donors, we are deeply honoured to have you as our fellow travelers in the creation of this work and in the life of the company. We thank you, the audience, for bearing witness to this work. Lady Eats Apple does not exist without you in this shared ephemeral moment. ►► Alice Nash, Executive Producer