2016 House Programs Lady Eats Apple - Page 2

BACK TO BACK THEATRE WORLD PREMIERE LADY EATS APPLE Lady Eats Apple is about Gods and our anxiety around our own death. It’s about intelligence and what it means to be a cracked vessel. It’s about Thanatos and curiosity, about power and what you might need to get it, about wanting to drive a car but not having a licence. It’s about castration and empowerment. It’s about our simultaneous desire for the myth of limitation and the myth of progress. Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 AN INSECURE GOD MATTER CREATES MATTER THE HUMAN BOND Australia’s Back to Back Theatre is inarguably one of the world’s most exciting and urgent companies working today, tirelessly charting trails deeper into the landscape of the unconscious. Collapsing the space between the epic and the everyday and divining the mythic in the mundane, Lady Eats Apple is the company’s largest-scale work to date: a cosmic dance from the Garden of Eden to a medieval snowstorm to the urban jungle we live in. Duration 1 hr 15 min, no interval ARTIST TALK WED 12 OCT 1PM, post-show Facilitated by Sian Prior