2016 House Programs La Belle et La Bête - Page 2

AUSTRALIAN EXCLUSIVE LA BELLE ET LA BÊTE The spellbinding powers of a silver screen masterpiece are recast anew by an artist who has redefined both film and music. Jean Cocteau stands as the twentieth century’s grand virtuoso of cinematic illusion, and his 1946 film adaptation of the classic Beauty and the Beast is an opalescent ode to the transformative powers of love and art. In a gesture across history from one master to another, Philip Glass has worked his own alchemical magic around this shimmering spectacle. The modern maestro has composed a classical opera, replacing the film’s original soundtrack and dialogue. Performed live by the Philip Glass Ensemble, the result is an entirely unique synthesis of opera and film. Duration 1 hr 30 mins, no interval IMAGE | Jean Cocteau, La Belle et la Bête Production still courtesy of Janus Films PHILIP GLASS ENSEMBLE