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As an inventor as well as composer , Percy Grainger ’ s musical practice was never constrained by tradition or convention . The result was his construction of instruments that ranged from the weird to the wonderful .
Led by artist and researcher Dr Laura Woodward , students from Sculpture & Spatial Practice at the Faculty of VCA and MCM , and Mechanical Engineering at the Melbourne School of Engineering , combine their talents to produce works inspired by Grainger ’ s roving imagination . Step inside the University ’ s Ian Potter Museum of Art to encounter kinetic mechanical instruments , interactive sculptures and responsive installations that are by turns playful , confronting , tender and experimental . In sum , a grand assemblage of moving parts as complex and surprising as the mind of Grainger himself .
Danielle Cheng Maggie Clare Sam La Marca Nicola Lewis Jessie McClure Kate McGain Qalissa Othman Yuval Rosinger with Laura Woodward
Laura Woodward has created sculptural kinetic installations for exhibitions around Australia , and lectures in the School of Art at the Faculty of VCA and MCM , University of Melbourne .
Acknowledgements Simone Slee , Head of Sculpture & Spatial Practice , Faculty of VCA and MCM , University of Melbourne and Jan Murray , Head of the School of Art , Faculty of VCA and MCM , University of Melbourne
Collaborative Input Dr Colin Burvill , Design Discipline Leader in the Department of Mechanical Engineering , University of Melbourne and Associate Professor Neil McLachlan , Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences , University of Melbourne .
Technical and resource-based support Jamie O ’ Connell , Dr Tim Edwards , Mark Friedlander and other staff in the Faculty of VCA and MCM Teaching Workshop , University of Melbourne
Ian Potter Museum of Art support Jacqueline Doughty and Samantha Comte
Image : Laura Woodward , Gyre 2015 ( detail )
WHERE Students from across the University employ everything from gamelan orchestra to sixhanded piano concert to conjure up the eccentric spirit and maverick genius of Percy Grainger. Melba Hall University of Melbourne WHEN M T W T F S S 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 TIMES MUSICAL MAVERICK FIVE CONCERTS IN TRIBUTE TO GRAINGER Sat 15 Sun 16 Sat 22 Sun 23 2PM & 4PM 12PM, 2PM & 4PM 12PM, 2PM & 4PM 2PM & 4PM TICKET PRICES $15 Purchase tickets at www.festival.melbourne Performed by students from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (MCM) as well as the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM), these five concerts plumb the depths of Grainger’s musical mind but the launching points range from experimentalism to folk to exoticism. From contemporaneous to newly commissioned works, the series is more than mere homage, tracing the influences that shaped Grainger and the effects his legacy has had on successive generations of artists. Grainger and the Exotic The MCM percussion ensemble explores Grainger’s music, including Homage to Free music, through gamelan orchestra and percussion. SAT 15 OCT 2PM, SAT 22 OCT 2PM Grainger the Folk Musician
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