2016 House Programs 887 - Page 7

BIOGRAPHIES ROBERT LEPAGE Writer, designer, director, performer Versatile in every form of theatre craft, Robert Lepage is equally talented as a director, playwright, actor and film director. His creative and original approach to theatre has won him international acclaim and shaken the dogma of classical stage direction to its foundations, especially through his use of new technologies. Among his most noticed work for the stage: Dragons’ Trilogy (1985), Needles and Opium (1991), The Far Side of The Moon (2000), The Andersen Project (2005), Lipsynch (2007), his solo performance 887 (2015) and his most recent production Quills (2016); his multimedia creations: The Image Mill (2008) and The Library at Night (2015); at the opera: The Damnation of Faust (1999), The Nightingale and Other short Fables (2009), Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen (2010) and L’Amour de loin (2015). PEDER BJURMAN Dramaturg ★★★★★ “Touching, intimate, powerful.” ~ THE GUARDIAN ★★★★★ “A masterpiece on so many levels.” ~ THE INDEPENDENT ★★★★★ ~ EVENING STANDARD Peder is a director and scriptwriter and works in the field of visual theatre with his company The Missing Link based in Stockholm, Sweden. His first collaboration with Robert Lepage was in 1994 during A Dreamplay at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. Bjurman also provided the original idea for The Far Side of the Moon, cowrote The Andersen Project, and currently works as dramaturg for the Playing Cards project.