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Additional poem Speak White, poem © Michèle Lalonde 1968 used with permission of Michèle Lalonde. Michèle Lalonde’s poem is a dramatic direct response to the famous Speak White slogan, formerly used on North American plantations to command slaves to speak at all times the language of their white masters. This same expression was later used to urge French-speaking Canadians to speak English and remind them of their inferiority or subordinate position. Additional music Additional images Mer Morte (Jean-Guy Cossette, Gilles Morissette) Éditions Densta and Macadam Cow-Girl Performed by Arthur et les Jaguars, used with permission of Disques Mérite Photo Donald Gordon (MSTC/ CollectionCN: X-40842) used with permission of the Canada Science and Technology Museum View of the taking of Québec on 13th September 1759 (Hervey Smith 1797). Public domain James Murray (unknown artist, 1770). Public domain Portrait of Major-General James Wolfe (1727-1759) Attributed to Joseph Highmore. Public domain Excerpts from the film Hôtel Château used with the permission of the National Film Board of Canada Excerpts from a film report “Le Samedi de la matraque”. Used with the permission of RadioCanada Archive Images of John F. Kennedy assassination from Zapruder Film © 1967 (Renewed 1995). The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza Bang Bang (My