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CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL COLORADO Financial Summary of 2016 Community Benefit In 2016, Children’s Hospital Colorado proudly reported $190,012,653 in community benefit activities. Financial assistance Includes reimbursed costs from providing care to patients enrolled in Medicaid, State Child Health plan and other government programs Subsidized health services 2016 Includes unreimbursed costs from operating programs that meet a community need, such as behavioral health services Research Includes laboratory science and applied research, which advances the best care for kids Health professions education Includes graduate medical education for residents and fellows, nursing students and other health professionals such as community pediatricians and trauma providers Community health improvement Includes activities such as immunization fairs, dental screenings and parent education Financial and in-kind contributions Includes cash and in-kind donations such as sponsorship of nonprofit events, donation of meeting space and donation of health/safety educational materials $126,025,407 Financial assistance $14,824,967 Subsidized health service $28,540,496 Research $14,128,796 Health professions education $6,009,693 Community health improvement $483,294 Financial and in-kind contributions $1,013,049 Community building activities Community building activities Includes environmental improvements, workforce development and community health improvement advocacy efforts $190,012,653 Community benefit activities TOTAL = $1,013,049 Community building activities *All financial data is for fiscal year 2016. This report includes amounts expended by Children’s Hospital Colorado’s hospital facilities, as reported on Schedule H of the IRS Form 990. Accordingly, the activities in this Community Benefit Report are greater than the amounts reported in the Children’s Colorado Schedule H, which only applies to our hospital facilities. For questions or more information, please call Julie Gibbs, Community Health Manager, at 720-777-8780. 19