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CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL COLORADO Burn Camp Fosters Healing “One day, coming back from a hike, a young camper said, ‘I didn’t know there were other kids who had been burned before,’” says Joey Kaufman, 24, who has worked at the Cheley Children’s Hospital Colorado Burn Camp the past three summers. “This camper thought she was alone and isolated in her situation. Now because of camp, she knows there are other kids who have gone through similar experiences, and that she’s perfect the way she is.” Children’s Colorado’s Burn Camp was the first residential burn camp nationwide. Thirty-four years later, it remains the premier burn camp in the country. Thanks to donations, grants and the partnership between Cheley Colorado Camps and Children’s Colorado, 70 to 85 children recovering from burn injuries nationwide enjoy a weeklong summer camp adventure in Estes Park each summer at no cost. One of the campers, Jon, 11, who is going on his fifth year of attending camp, was nervous about riding a horse for the first time, Joey recounts. But once he gained the confidence, horseback riding became one of his favorite activities. “Kids in these situations feel limited by their injuries,” says Joey. “We want to help young adults and kids grow outside of their burn injuries. Creating a community of other kids with shared experiences makes this possible.” Summer Burn Camp is one of multiple programs run by the Children’s Colorado Burn Camps Program to support burn survivors in their recovery. Other programs include winter teen ski camp, a young adult retreat and family camp. “Burn injuries are not like many other injuries. If you break your arm, it typically heals and you move on,” says Trudy Boulter, Burn Camp director. “That’s not the case for a child who sustains a burn injury. These injuries can have a lifelong impact on the child and the family. The trauma of the injury is often a difficult journey, both emotionally and physically.” The goal of Burn Camp is to support kids all the way through wellness, creating opportunities for survivors to share their stories and push themselves beyond what they thought was possible. Activities include hiking, mountain biking, camping, challenge courses, horseback riding, mountain climbing, fishing, crafts, archery and swimming. 13