2016 Awareness Day Final Report - Page 7

PANEL 1 HOW FAMILY SUPPORT CAN LEAD TO HELP AND HOPE “There is a way that you can find out the diagnosis and not be fearful. There is a lot of information, lots of support in the community in order for you to be educated. And that’s the most important part: for parents to get educated.” – Regina Crider, Executive Director Youth and Family Peer Support Alliance HOW TO FIND HELP AND HOPE IN SCHOOLS “Being able to have that experience of extended time on tests, and knowing how it is to be treated like a student—like everybody else … I felt very confident.” – Brendan Ward PANEL 2 Youth M.O.V.E., Bowling Green, KY HOW TO FIND HELP AND HOPE THROUGH LAW ENFORCEMENT “It is a culture change. We have to come together and have these diffi