2016 Awareness Day Final Report - Page 6

P O RT Reid Ewing accepts a SAMHSA Special Recognition Award for sharing his experiences with body dysmorphia and encouraging young adults with similar experiences to seek help. When children and youth experience mental or substance use disorders, their families don’t always know where to turn for answers. Improving Access TO BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES AND SUPPORTS FOR CHILDREN, YOUTH, YOUNG ADULTS, AND THEIR FAMILIES 6 Finding Help. Finding Hope. Some families feel forced to navigate complex systems alone. They are unsure if anyone is listening, or even cares. They are concerned about being able to afford the help that their child may need, and that services may be too far away for them to access. Finding Help. Finding Hope. As the federal agency charged with advancing the behavioral health of the nation, SAMHSA responds to many of the millions of families who are seeking referrals for services and supports. Awareness Day 2016—“Finding Help. Finding Hope.”—focused on assuring children, youth, and young adults with behavioral health challenges and their families that they are not alone. Through three panels, family and youth leaders, clinicians, educators, and law enforcement professionals identified challenges and available resources for services and supports.