2015 Visual Arts & Free Program - Page 7

AUSTRALIA // READING Melbourne Festival and the Wheeler Centre present GEORGE ORWELL’S 1984 A LIVE READING Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future. In a special event presented by the Wheeler Centre and Melbourne Festival, we’ll revisit Orwell’s prescient novel of power and politics with a live reading in a very apt setting—the Legislative Assembly Chamber in Victoria’s Parliament House. Over eight hours, up to 30 people will take their place at the Speaker’s chair to bring Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty–Four to life in a marathon relay reading. FUNDED THANKS TO PATRON DONATIONS Join us for a little or a long while at the heart of power; sit in the chairs of state leaders in the debating area, or scrutinise every movement from the galleries upstairs. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Nineteen Eighty–Four as read by your favourite political commentators, politicians past and present, satirists, journalists and celebrities. PARLIAMENT HOUSE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY CHAMBER SAT 17 OCTOBER 10AM — 6PM FREE Bookings at wheelercentre.com For updates on participants and to find out how you can take part in the reading, visit www.festival.melbourne www.festival.melbourne #melbfest 7