2015 Visual Arts & Free Program - Page 6

INTERNATIONAL // SOUND ART AUSTRALIA // FORUM Melbourne Festival and Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) present The University of Melbourne in association with Melbourne Festival presents AURAL CONTRACT THE VOICE BEFORE THE LAW Curator LIQUID ARCHITECTURE Artist LAWRENCE ABU HAMDAN In 2010 he began development on Aural Contract, an umbrella for works investigating the role of the voice in law and the changing nature of testimony in the face of new regimes of border control, algorithmic technology, medical science and surveillance. Aural Contract works take varied forms—audio, essays, installations, performance—but all draw from an evolving sound archive comprising political and court recordings, police evidence, films, literature and more. At Melbourne Festival, Hamdan will present a series of audio documentaries from the Aural Contract as a ‘live listening event’ in the immersive environment of the dark cinema. These will be followed by discussion with the artist moderated by sound art organisation Liquid Architecture— an Australian organisation for events, exhibitions, performances and situations of the world’s leading artists working with sound. ACMI, Federation Square SUN 18 OCTOBER at 4PM 3 hrs FREE Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s stay in Melbourne is supported by MADA | Monash University Art Design & Architecture 6 PHOTO Manuel Harlan Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s (b. 1985, Amman, Jordan) works examine the contemporary politics of listening— its relationship to power, borders, human rights, testimony and truth. LANGUAGE, PERFORMANCE AND POWER REFLECTING ON 1984 IN 2015 George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty–Four has been described as the ‘definitive book’ of the twentieth century. Indeed, so powerful were the themes of his novel that terms and concepts such as Big Brother, Doublespeak and Thoughtcrime have entered the lexicon, and realised his warning about the often insidious relationship between language and power. In Nineteen Eighty–Four the totalitarian government plans to abolish the English language altogether in favour of their official language Newspeak, designed to control the populace and eradicate individual thought. Anatomising in a world where there is no longer a word for ‘science’ and the concept of Freedom has been eroded, Orwell explores the links between language, politics and psychology, the rewriting of history, and the manufacturing of the past. Melbourne Festival’s free program of activities proudly brought to you by the City of Melbourne. This event brings together speakers from the University of Melbourne to discuss Headlong’s production of 1984, the history of the impact of Orwell’s novel and its relevance nearly 70 years after it was first published in 1949. What are the lessons of Nineteen Eighty–Four for the era of rendition, electric surveillance and the media landscape of today? What if a contemporary Orwell was to write 2051? CLEMENGER AUDITORIUM, NGV WED 21 OCTOBER at 6PM 1hr 15 mins, no interval FREE For announcements about other panellists please visit www.festival.mebourne