2015 Visual Arts & Free Program - Page 3

ARTS FOR ARTS SAKE Brett Sheehy AO (2009 — 2012) SAT 10 OCTOBER A FESTIVAL OF MELBOURNE Robyn Archer AO (2002 — 2004) SAT 17 OCTOBER Melbourne, base for Australia’s most sophisticated independent theatre sector; focus of contemporary dance in Australia; home to this country’s most enthusiastic and knowledgeable music audiences across the full breadth of genres; lover of the visual arts and appreciator of design; and host to the achievements of the MSO, MTC and The Australian Ballet, which, along with so many other companies and artists, have also made their mark overseas. When the Festival was first created, Melbourne was a very different city but contemporary Melbourne is as much defined by its heritage as it is by its position as a leader in architecture, design, urban planning and the arts. Capital of sport and a centre of intellectual discourse, the Melbourne we live in is a complex and intriguing mix of dynamics. Brett Sheehy AO will be joined by other guests to discuss how the art forms and the approach and concerns of artists have changed over the past thirty years. What has been the impact on Melbourne’s culture, identity and how does a festival such as Melbourne’s reflect and contribute to that evolution? Robyn Archer AO will be joined in discussion by a panel of guests who have helped shape the city and the festival we love. Conceived for Melbourne, how has the Festival shaped and been shaped by the changing culture, politics and landscape of this city? FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL Sir Jonathan Mills AO (2000 — 2001) SAT 24 OCTOBER When Melbourne Festival was conceived it was, like its counterparts around the country, primarily seen as a vehicle to import international artists who would not otherwise be seen here. Thirty years later Melburnians are fortunate to see work from around the world throughout the year. This change is mirrored in most aspects of life in Melbourne in 2015; this is a city now vitally connected politically, culturally and economically in ways that have changed our position in and relationship to the world. Driven by technological innovation, the world itself is a more globally connected place. How has this impacted the role of Melbourne’s international arts festival? Sir Jonathan Mills AO will be joined by a panel of guests whose experience expertly places them to discuss the international context of Melbourne Festival and of Melbourne; the city destined to become Australia’s biggest. 3