2015 Visual Arts & Free Program - Page 19

AUSTRALIA // EXHIBITION INTERNATIONAL // TALKS Arts House presents Melbourne Festival and Arts House present NEW YORK NARRATIVES MAPPING A VIBRANT INDEPENDENT ECOLOGY You can take art out of the city but can you take the city out of the art? New York and Melbourne are defined by their cultural landscapes, but how far do the qualities of these cities influence the artists creating work in these thriving metropolises? FUTURE PAST 10 YEARS OF ARTS HOUSE Celebrating ten years of independent theatre, Arts House Melbourne looks to the future with enthusiasm, commitment and excitement. As they move boldly into their second decade, this exhibition of video installations, images and written documentation looks back on the first ten years. From July, artists, audiences, locals and researchers, the nostalgic, the committed and the curious are invited to spend some time in the vault. Search, explore or revisit. Catch that show you always regretted missing, and discover things you never knew were there. As both a presenter and through initiatives like the CultureLAB development program, Arts House has championed and supported the most contemporary of the contemporary, the most excellent of the experimental, the creatively ambitious, the hybrid, the participatory, and the art that shakes our thinking into new formations. ARTS HOUSE NORTH MELBOURNE TOWN HALL FRI 3 JULY —  FRI 18 DECEMBER For opening times visit artshouse.com.au FREE FUNDED THANKS TO PATRON DONATIONS New York Narratives brings together an influential group of theatre directors and producers whose experiences stretch between the two cities and beyond to explore the commonalities and differences of New York and Melbourne’s respective independent arts scenes. They ask what are the intrinsic ingredients of a vibrant independent arts sector? How much do cities inspire and therefore shape artists and how do their communities nurture them in return? Featuring Vallejo Gantner (PS 122), Angharad Wynne–Jones (Arts House), Daniel Clarke (Theatre Works), Adena Jacobs (Fraught Outfit), Karen Therese (Creative Producer and Artist), Dan Koop (Melbourne Fringe/ Artist). Facilitated by Emily Sexton (Wheeler Centre). ARTS HOUSE NORTH MELBOURNE TOWN HALL SAT 17 OCTOBER at 3.30PM 1 hr 30 mins, no interval FREE www.festival.melbourne #melbfest 19