2015 Visual Arts & Free Program - Page 16

USA // FILM + THEATRE Melbourne Festival and Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in association with PS122 Global present PHOTO Andrew Schneider NEW YORK NARRATIVES AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE ACTING STRANGER ANDREW SCHNEIDER Creator, Writer and Director ANDREW SCHNEIDER Acting Stranger is the evolving document of an ongoing project exploring intimacy, relationship and the experience between strangers. Andrew Schneider writes short scenes—no exposition, no inciting incident, no denouement—and you are invited to participate. If selected, you and Schneider enact the short scenes in public. You do not meet, discuss or experience each other outside the context of the scene. The experience is documented and will be shown at a free screening at ACMI. For more information and to be involved visit www.festival.melbourne/ actingstranger. 16 Andrew’s Rules: 01. Memorise the script VERBATIM. 02. Show up on time. 03. Show up 15 minutes early if the scene takes place in a mass– transit venue. 04. The scene starts when you see me. The camera will be rolling. I will be standing in front of the camera. 05. Say your first line, or wait for me to say mine. 06. We will only meet as the characters. 07. There is only one take. 08. There is no messing up. 09. Keep going. 10. The scene ends when the camera is turned off. 11. We will not introduce ourselves in real life. 12. You agree to have your likeness videotaped and published on-line. Melbourne Festival’s free program of activities proudly brought to you by the City of Melbourne. SCREENING TUE 20 OCTOBER at 6PM AUSTRALIAN CENTRE FOR THE MOVING IMAGE Federation Square Including introduction by Andrew Schneider FREE MULTI-SCREEN INSTALLATION ARTS HOUSE NORTH MELBOURNE TOWN HALL Watch scenes from Melbourne’s Acting Stranger through interactive monitors and a looped screening. Visit website for more details. FREE