2015 Visual Arts & Free Program - Page 11

AUSTRALIA // FORUM AUSTRALIA // INDUSTRY University of Melbourne in association with Melbourne Festival presents Theatre Works in association with University of Melbourne and Melbourne Festival presents DIRECTORS LAB: MELBOURNE INSPIRE. CHALLENGE. CONNECT. NURTURE. PHOTO Zan Wimberley Since 1995, the Lincoln Center (NY) Theater’s Directors Lab has been nurturing the development of theatre directors from across the world. IT’S ALIVE! PUTTING BOOKS ON STAGE Featuring ELLIOT GYGER & PIERCE WILCOX Fly Away Peter DANIEL RAGGETT 1984 and scholars from the School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne. In a society where cultural materials are being constantly recycled and reproduced, what are the processes and possibilities of putting adaptations on stage? The prevalence of adaptations in this year’s Melbourne Festival, from Orwells’ 1984 and Malouf’s Fly Away Peter to childr