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INTERNATIONAL // FORUM PHOTO Genevieve Grieves University of Melbourne and Melbourne Festival presents AFTER TRAGEDY, LISTENING A ROUNDTABLE IN RESPONSE TO TONI MORRISON’S DESDEMONA Chaired by PAUL RAE with GENEVIEVE GRIEVES, PETER SELLARS, MARCIA LANGTON & OTHERS. What comes after tragedy? What social actions and creative responses do such events demand of us? How do we live with death— and not just live, but flourish and thrive? Taking its cue from Toni Morrison’s bold and subtle telling of the other side of the Othello story, this roundtable gathers a compelling line–up of artists and thinkers to debate and develop these questions. In art, tragedy reflects an enduring, inescapable fascination with our own mortality. In the media, it tags event after event in a seemingly endless parade of wretched suffering. 10 FUNDED THANKS TO PATRON DONATIONS Tragedy can be overwhelmingly powerful, or it can turn us into helpless onlookers. Neither reaction is sufficient—but what comes next? Desdemona provides one response by shifting the emphasis of Othello from hubris to history and from looking to listening. A personal stake in history arises, it suggests, from the intimacies of tragic knowledge, which enter the body as stealthily as sound. Join prominent artists, activists and academics and the renowned director of Desdemona, Peter Sellars, to examine what other strategies move us in these directions and beyond. At issue are the methods and means we can use to track tragedies across cultures and generations; how new ideas and cultural forms enable us to testify to the effects of tragedy while escaping its clutches; and what citizens can do in the present to anticipate the human and environmental tragedies of the future. SOUTHBANK THEATRE THE SUMNER SUN 18 OCTOBER 11AM — 1PM FREE Bookings at www.festival.melbourne ARTISTS IN CONVERSATION Peter Sellars // FREE CLEMENGER AUDITORIUM, NGV FRI 16 OCTOBER at 1PM See page 27 for details.